Conveyor Chain Sprockets

Conveyor Chain Sprockets

​We stock and fabricate plate wheels and conveyor sprockets in standard & non-standard configurations from materials such as mild steel,  Hardox 400 abrasion resistant plate, induction hardened C1045 & specialist plastics. Solid & split type sprockets. Accurately cut profiles to match the chain, attachments and the application requirements for long-service life.

  • Short lead times from order to delivery
  • Selection of materials to suit your application
  • Full machining & welding services available to customise your sprocket
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Tooth Count

5-25 or custom

Tooth Profiles

Low, std & high profile

​Boss Types​​

​A, B or C​​

Boss Sizes​​

50mm to 250mm or custom​

​Bore Sizes​

​Custom to your tolerance

​​Keyway Sizes​​

Metric & imperial



​A range of materials are available to suit the sprockets application. Mild steel, Hardox 400, induction hardened C1045 , stainless steel, polyurethane, nylons, UHMWPE, acetals and composites.

​Split Type

Want to make sprocket & shaft assembly simpler? Split sprockets provide an economical means of mounting sprockets on shafts where it is prohibitive to dismount the shaft assembly. Choose from split for welding or split for bolting.

Segmented Teeth

Want to be able to change out a large sprocket by hand?  Light weight, segmented teeth sections can be bolted on to a fixed or split hub, for quick and easy change out.  Usually in 3-5 pieces.


All sprockets can be fabricated to suit your individual requirements. Tooth count & profiles, bosses, bores, taper locks, keyways & set screws for both drive & idler sprockets.

Wide Range

Sprockets available to suit a vast range of conveyor chains: mill, drag, malleable, transfer, double flex, rooftop, power transmission, trimmer, OSB, apron feeder, bucket elevator, engineering class, pintle, sorter, rivetless, 142 series CDM & triple.


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