Polycarbonate (PC)

​Polycarbonate (PC) offers extremely high impact strength with moderate chemical resistance​. It is super tough and virtually unbreakable. PC can be used in direct contact with food and has a long term service temperature of -60°C​ to +120°C​. Our polycarbonate range covers both structural & engineering grades in rod, tube & sheet from quality European & American manufacturers.
High mechanical strength, dimensional stability & temperature resistance
​​High impact resistant, transparent, food contact approved
Medium chemical resistance, low moisture absorption



​3mm to 250mm OD


​6mm ID to 100mm OD


1mm to 100mm Thick​


​Transparent, white & various tints

​​Modified Grades​​


​​Cut To Size​



​Structural vs Engineering Grades

​Structural PC grades are available in sheet form or round & square tube section. Structural grades tend to be used for machine guards, shatter proof windows, signage & sight glasses, with sheeting available in a range of colour tints & additives to provide UV stability etc. Engineering grades are used for precision mechanical engineering applications or where electrical insulation is required for electrical engineering.

​​Additives & Modifiers​​

​Structural sheeting can have colorants included to change the visual appearance of the sheet or additives to increase UV stability, heat resistance or heat diffusion properties. Engineering grades can be modified with the inclusion of 30% glass fibre which increase strength, rigidity, creep resistance & dimensional stability making it suitable for parts exposed to high static loads over long periods. Abrasion resistance can also be increased with coatings.


​Structural sheet & tube grades are commonly used for sight glasses, machine guards, safety windows or applications requiring a clear shatter proof material. Engineering grades are used for precision parts such as electrical insulators, connectors, terminal blocks, distributor blocks, impellers & housings, fluid containers to name a few.

Polycarbonate Properties

Long Term Service Temp

'-60°C​ to +120°C

Moisture Absorption
UV Stable
Compressive Strength
Impact Strength
Tensile Strength
Coefficient of Friction
Abrasion Resistance


Polycarbonate Range

Product TypeIndustry UsageAvailable Products & Notes
*Some items are manufactured & imported on request
Polycarbonate Rod & Sheet Natural - Engineering GradeMechanical, Food, Electronics, Automotive, Medical TechnologiesRod & Sheet - Natural unfilled & unmodified Polycarbonate
Rod: 3mm - 250mm OD.
Sheet: 1mm to 100mm thick.

*FDA & EU 10/2011 approved.
Polycarbonate Rod & Sheet Natural - 30% Glass Filled - Engineering GradeMechanical, Electronics, Automotive TechnologiesRod & Sheet - Natural - 30% Glass Filled Polycarbonate

*Improved strength, rigidity, creep strength, dimensional stability.
Polycarbonate Sheet - Structural GradeVariousSheet - Polycarbonate
Transparent, tints & modified sheet grades

Sheet: 2mm to 10mm thick.

*Standard sheeting.
*Matte sheeting.
*UV stable coated sheeting.
*Embossed sheeting.
*Diffusion Sheeting.
*Heat resistant sheeting.

*Some grades approved for food contact.

Polycarbonate Tubing - Structural GradeVariousSquare & Round Tubing - Polycarbonate

Round: 6mm ID to 100mm OD.
Square: 12mm & 19mm OD x 1.57mm wall thickness.
Custom sizes can be manufactured on request in various grades.

*Grades approved for food contact.

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