A stack of PTFE Teflon® rods and sheets in various sizes, including black, white, and blue.

PTFE (Teflon®)

PTFE known as Teflon® (polytetrafluoroethylene) is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic having the lowest coefficient of friction of any plastic material with excellent release properties. Superior thermal & electrical insulating properties with high melting point, flame resistant & chemically inert to most substances.​ Filled PTFE available to alter the physical & mechanical properties. Available in rod, tube, sheet, skived films & self-adhesive tapes. Service temperatures from -200/+260°C, short term to +300°C.
Outstanding chemical, electrical & heat resistance
Extremely low coefficient of friction & anti-stick properties
Wide range of applications



4mm to 300mm OD


3.5mm ID to 300mm OD

Films & Sheet

0.025mm to 100mm Thick


White, Grey, Black, Blue

Modified Grades


Cut To Size



Food Grade

Most grades of PTFE Teflon are suitable for food contact.  Optical blue & x-ray detectable PTFE grades also available. Food Certification documentation can be supplied  at time of order to align with your production batch (charges apply).

Additives & Modifiers

The physical & mechanical properties of PTFE Teflon can be altered to increase performance by adding glass, graphite, carbon, bronze or molybdenum disulphide. Glass for example will increase wear resistance, carbon improves abrasion properties.


Valves, Seals, Bearings, Bushes, Rings, Pump Components, High Temperature Applications, Sliding Applications in Chemical Environments, Food & Pharmaceutical Industries.

Virgin PTFE Teflon Properties

Long Term Service Temp

'-200ºC to +260ºC

Moisture Absorption
UV Stable
Compressive Strength
Impact Strength
Tensile Strength
Coefficient of Friction
Abrasion Resistance


PTFE Teflon Range

Product TypeProduct CodeAvailable Products & Notes
Virgin PTFEG200Extruded rod & tube, skived sheet, skived films & machined components
Virgin PTFEG400Extruded rod & tube, moulded rod & tube, skived sheet, skived films & machined components
Virgin PTFEG500Extruded rod & tube, skived sheet, skived tapes & machined components
PTFE - 25% Glass FiberG405Subset of G range
PTFE - 15% GraphiteG412Subset of G range
PTFE - 25% Soft CarbonG415Subset of G range
PTFE - 40% Bronze/2% CarbonG416Subset of G range
PTFE - 25% Carbon GraphiteG453Subset of G range
PTFE - 15% Glass Fiber, 5% MoS2G418Subset of G range
PTFE - 10% Carbon FiberG477Subset of G range
PTFE - 20% Mineral Filler & AdditivesG663Subset of G range
PTFE - 40% Bronze, 5% MoS2G427Subset of G range
PTFE - 50% Stainless Steel (Patented)G673Subset of G range
PTFE - 15% PolymerG461Subset of G range
PTFE - 15% Polymer, 10% GraphiteG627Subset of G range
D-TEKBLUE PTFE- X-Ray & Metal Detectable. Rod, tube, sheets, films & machined components.
TEKFILM PTFE- Skived & Extruded Films
TEKBOND PTFE-Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes

Did you know…

About our range of D-TEKBLUE PTFE Materials?

FDA approved blue PTFE that is detectable using optical scanner, metal detection or X-ray equipment, ensuring that each fragment can be identified rapidly avoiding critical food contamination.

Read more about D-TEKBLUE PTFE.

We are also one of New Zealand’s largest PTFE/Teflon suppliers.

Looking for more information regarding PTFE applications within New Zealand industry?

Read more about our PTFE applications here.


Guarniflon - Italy
Guarniflon - Italy
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