A stack of PEEK plastic rods and sheets in various sizes, including black, white, green, yellow, and blue.

PEEK Plastic

PEEK plastic (poly ether ether ketone​) offers exceptional performance & high long-term service temperatures up to 260°C​. PEEK plastic exhibits excellent wear resistance & mechanical properties, combined with outstanding chemical immunity making PEEK suitable for highly stressed parts. PEEK machined parts are lighter, stronger & last longer in demanding applications. A range of grades available to suit numerous industry applications.
Ability to withstand high continuous service temperatures
Exceptional chemical, radiation, wear, abrasion & hydrolysis properties
High mechanical strength, with very good dimensional stability & creep resistivity



​4mm to 210mm OD


​16mm ID to 310mm OD


​5mm to 150mm Thick


​Beige, Black, Grey, White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Ivory

​Modified Grades


​Cut To Size

​Yes, however some grades have minimum order quantity


​Wide Industry Usage

Semi-crystalline ​PEEK plastic is utilised in industries such as electronics, mechanical engineering, automotive, conveyor technics, medical, food, packaging & the oil-gas industries. A vast range of TECA PEEK grades & colours are available to specifically meet the requirements of these industries.

​​Additives & Modifiers

PEEK plastic is available in a range of standard grades through to the advanced medical, food, electrical or oil & gas grades. Our TECA PEEK range reinforced grades such as: glass, ceramic, carbon fiber, mineral, bearing or wear additives. We also have electrically conductive, metal detectable, bio compatible & extra high temperature grades.


PEEK plastic is a thermoplastic that is used in a vast range of applications too numerous to list. Insulators, connectors, gears, sliding parts, compressor & pump parts, drives, rollers & bushings. Gearbox components, impellers, surgical instruments & implants, valves & valve seats, kneaders, drill heads, seals, bearings.

TECA PEEK Properties

Long Term Service Temp

'-45°C to +260°C

Moisture Absorption
UV Stable
Compressive Strength
Impact Strength
Tensile Strength
Coefficient of Friction
Abrasion Resistance


PEEK Plastic Range

Product TypeIndustry UsageAvailable Products & Notes
*Some items are manufactured & imported on request
TECA PEEK Natural & BlackChemical, Mechanical, Energy, Electronics, Food, Oil & Gas, Aircraft & Aerospace, Automotive, Semi-Conductor, Vacuum technologiesNatural Rod, Tube & Sheet
Beige & Black
FDA, EU10/2011, ISO 23936-1 & Aerospace FAR 25.853 approvals
TECA PEEK GF30 NaturalChemical, Mechanical, Electronics, Oil & Gas, Aircraft & Aerospace, Automotive, Vacuum technologiesNatural Rod & Sheet, Glass filled 30%
ISO 23936-1 & Aerospace FAR 25.853 approval
TECA PEEK CF30 BlackChemical, Mechanical, Oil & Gas, Aircraft & Aerospace, Automotive, Vacuum technologiesRod & Sheet, Carbon filled 30%
Aerospace FAR 25.853 approval
TECA PEEK PVX BlackChemical, Mechanical, Energy, Aircraft & Aerospace, Automotive technologies

*High performance bearing grade
Rod, Tube & Sheet, 10% PTFE filled, 10% Graphite filled, 10% Carbon filled
Aerospace FAR 25.853 approval
TECA PEEK IDFood, Mechanical technologies

*Inductively Detectable
Rod & Sheet, Metal Detectable filler
FDA, EU10/2011 approvals
TECA PEEK CMF GreyMechanical, Electronics, Semi-Conductor, Vacuum technologiesRod & Sheet, Ceramic filled
Grey & White
TECA PEEK TSMechanical, Electronics, Semi-Conductor, Vacuum technologiesRod & Sheet, Mineral filled
TECA PEEK ELS Nano BlackMechanical, Electronics, Aircraft & Aerospace, Semi-Conductor, Computer technologies

*Electrically Conductive
Rod & Sheet, Carbon Nano Tubes to allow conductivity
TECA PEEK TF10 BlueMechanical, Food, Automotive, Chemical technologiesRod & Tube, 10% PTFE filled
FDA, EU10/2011 approvals
TECA PEEK HTMechanical, Conveyor, Automotive, Chemical technologies

*High Temperature Grade (additional 30°C higher than standard PEEK)
Rod & Sheet
TECA PEEK STMechanical, Automotive, Chemical technologies

*Higher Glass Transition Temperature, Higher Strength & Loading Capacity
Rod & Sheet
TECA PEEK MTMedical, Mechanical, Food technologies

*Bio-compatible for medical applications
Rod & Sheet
FDA, ISO 10993-1, -4, 5, -18 approvals
TECA PEEK MT Classix WhiteMedical technologies

*Bio-compatible for dental & medical applications
FDA, ISO 10993-1, -4, -5, -18 approvals
TECA PEEK SE & CMPSemiconductor technologiesTube
Beige. Natural
TECA PEEK SD BlackSemiconductor technologies

*Electrostatic Dissipative
Sheet, Electrically Modified

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