PVDF polyvinylidene fluoride

PVDF Plastic

PVDF plastic (polyvinylidene fluoride) is a low density fluoropolymer generally used in applications requiring higher purity, higher mechanical strength, higher dimensional stability & resistance to solvents, acids & hydrocarbons when compared to standard fluropolymer​s. Continuous service temperature -30°C​/+150°C​, near zero moisture absorption & food grade compliance.
Excellent mechanical properties when compared to standard fluoropolymers
Outstanding resistance to minerals, acids, hydrocarbons, alcohols & solvents
High abrasion, UV resistance & flame retardant



​4mm to 300mm OD


25mm ID to 90mm OD


​5mm to 100mm Thick


​White, Black

​Modified Grades


​Cut To Size

No – minimum order quantities apply


​Food Grade

TECAFLON PVDF plastic is FDA compliant​, non-toxic & can be used in repeated contact with food products. Food Certification documentation can be supplied  at time of order to align with your production batch. (charges apply).

​Additives & Modifiers

TECAFLON​ PVDF is available in the natural unfilled grade as well as TECAFLON PVDF ELS Black which is electrically conductive or TECAFLON PVDF CF8 which is carbon filled. Modified grades are imported on request & may be subject to minimum order quantities.


​Often used as an insulation or protective barrier in the chemical industry. Chemical, food or pharmaceutical applications requiring higher mechanical strength & loading such as valves, fittings or pipelines. Commonly replaces PTFE where higher mechanical or abrasion resistance is required.

TECAFLON PVDF Plastic Properties

Long Term Service Temp

'-30ºC to +150ºC

Moisture Absorption
UV Stable
Compressive Strength
Impact Strength
Tensile Strength
Coefficient of Friction
Abrasion Resistance



Product TypeProduct CodeAvailable Products & Notes
TECAFLON PVDF NaturalPVDF NaturalRod, Tube, Sheet - White
TECAFLON PVDF ELSPVDF ELSElectrically Conductive. Black. Manufacture & import on request.
TECAFLON PVDF CF8PVDF CF8Carbon Fibre reinforced. Manufacture & import on request.


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