A stack of PET plastic rods and sheets in various sizes, including white and black.


PET polyethylene terephthalate thermoplastic is a polyester that offers a good combination of hardness, rigidity, strength with exceptional sliding & wear capabilities. Creep resistance & low moisture absorption makes it suitable for complex parts requiring high dimensional stability & surface quality. Long term service temperatures from -20°C​ to +110°C​.
High mechanical strength, hardness & stiffness
Exceptional dimensional stability & surface finish
Very low moisture absorption (when compared to nylon)



​10mm to 200mm OD




​2mm to 120mm Thick


​White, Black, Grey

​Modified Grades​


​Cut To Size



Exceptional Material

​TECAPET/TECADUR PET due to having very low levels of moisture absorption, combined with high mechanical strength, stiffness, hardness, resistance to creep makes it highly suitable for components requiring dimensional stability & tight tolerances. The TECAPET/TECADUR range includes grades suitable for food contact. The material is also resistant to many chemicals.

​Additives & Modifiers​

There are four grades of TECAPET/TECADUR available. The standard TECADUR Natural unfilled grade, TECAPET Black offering UV protection, TECAPET White offering enhanced machinability & lastly TECAPET TF Grey that is PTFE filled for improved wear & sliding properties.


TECAPET/TECADUR is used in various industries such as: mechanical engineering, food, electronics, automotive & medical. Some components fabricated from PET include: food processing parts, precision finished components, parts in wet environments, heavily loaded bearings, bushings & washers,  structural parts, rudder bearings, flow valves, pistons & rollers.

PET Properties

Long Term Service Temp

'-20°C​ to +110°C

Moisture Absorption
UV Stable
Compressive Strength
Impact Strength
Tensile Strength
Coefficient of Friction
Abrasion Resistance


PET Range

Product TypeIndustry UsageAvailable Products & Notes
*Some items are manufactured & imported on request
TECADUR PET NaturalMechanical, Food, Electronics, Automotive, Medical TechnologiesRod & Sheet - Natural unfilled & unmodified PET

*Good creep strength, low moisture absorption, outstanding dimensional stability.
FDA approved.
TECAPET WhiteMechanical, Food, Energy, Electronics, Automotive TechnologiesRod & Sheet - White Pigment Filled - Special Formulation

*Improved toughness, excellent sliding & wear properties.
Low coefficient of friction
FDA & EU10/2011 approved.
TECAPET BlackMechanical, Food, Electronics, Automotive TechnologiesRod & Sheet - Black Pigment Filled

*Improved machining properties. Improved UV protection.
FDA approved.
TECAPET TF GreyMechanical, Food, Electronics, Automotive TechnologiesRod & Sheet - PTFE Solid Lubricant Filled

*Improved wear characteristics. Used widely in food processing.
Excellent sliding properties, excellent wear with all other standard PET properties.
FDA & EU10/2011 approved.


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