ANSI & BS Straight Sidebar Chains

Straight Sidebar Roller Chains

​CAN-AM Straight sidebar roller chains are identical to standard ANSI & BS roller chains except for straight side plates. The main usage is conveyor applications where a flat side plate is required. Straight sidebar chains provide a higher fatigue resistance than their standard counterparts. Check our ANSI & BS roller chain pages for more technical information.
Increased strength, fatigue & chain service life
Commonly used in conveyor applications
Can be used on standard ANSI & BS roller chain sprockets


​Pitch Sizes

3/8″ to 3″​


​Simplex – others on request


​​10ft boxes or 50ft rolls​

​​​​Connector Links Available​​​


​​​​Attachments Available​​​


​Sprockets Available​​​



​​Solid Rollers​​

​​Solid rollers, allows for smooth rotation on the bushing, minimising the impact load as the chain engages the sprocket tooth.

​​Heat Treatment​​

​​Heat treating ensures consistent quality in all chain components resulting in optimum toughness and wear resistance.


​​Hot dipped in special lubricant ensuring all load bearing surfaces are protected increasing wear life of the chain.

​​Shot-Peened Parts​​

​​All chain rollers and link plates are shot-peened for greater fatigue strength.

​​Factory Preloading​​

​​Preloaded during assembly, minimising initial elongation of the chain.

Dimensionally​ Identical

​CAN-AM roller chains are manufactured to ANSI & BS standards & are directly inter-changeable with other brands.



Straight Sidebar Range

Pitch Size
BS Standard
ANSI Standard
1 1/4"20B-1F100-1F
1 1/2"24B-1F120-1F
1 3/4"28B-1F140-1F
Other sizes & strand widths available on request


CAN-AM Chains – Canada
CAN-AM Chains – Canada
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