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If you are looking for a wide variety of high-quality rigid PVC rod or PVC sheet, then contact us today. We have racks of unplasticised PVC (uPVC) in stock ready for immediate cutting and shipping. Full CAD design and CNC machining services available to turn our semi-finished stock shapes into your finished machined parts. Contact us now. 0800 102 112.

What is rigid PVC rod & sheet?

Rigid PVC rod & sheet is also known as unplasticised PVC or uPVC.

This form of PVC does not have plasticisers added, meaning that the material is hard and rigid, not soft and flexible.

PVC is one of the older thermoplastics, having been around for the last 150 years, and was first commercially manufactured by B.F Goodrich.

Rigid PVC rod & sheet is one of many engineering plastics materials we hold in stock right here in New Zealand.

Due to the characteristics and price point of rigid PVC, it’s a very versatile and highly utilised engineering plastic material.

Easy to weld, bond and machine, couldn’t be simpler.

What sizes of rigid PVC rod & sheet do we supply?

We stock the most popular sizes of rigid PVC rod and sheets for the New Zealand market.

Anything we do not hold in stock or might be classified as a “special”, we will import with our regular stock shipments from our reputable international suppliers.

We also carry limited stock of rigid PVC tube.

Rigid PVC is generally available in the following semi-finished stock shapes:

Rod: 10mm to 350mm OD

Tube: 5mm ID to 230mm OD

Sheet: 1mm to 50mm thick

Take a look at our rigid PVC product page for more information.

What is rigid PVC rod & sheet commonly used for?

Being one of the most versatile engineering plastics available, rigid PVC rod & sheet is used extensively in New Zealand across a range of industries and applications.

Hosting a range of properties such as excellent chemical resistance with good tensile, flexural and mechanical strengths.

With low moisture absorption, exceptional dimensional stability and being a flame retardant material, it is a material of choice for many engineers.

Our rigid PVC rod & sheet is commonly used in applications such as: pumps and valve bodies, machine parts, chemically resistant parts, manifolds, concrete mould forms, valves, spacers, insulators, tanks and other light duty mechanical components etc.

About anything you can think of really that requires a low cost, high strength material that needs to resist chemical attack.

Have a read about what Wikipedia has to say about polyvinyl chloride.

Want to compare the properties of rigid PVC to other engineering plastic materials?

This blog has all the info you need to compare the technical properties of our most common engineering plastics and is available for you to download and print.

The lack of technical information is what makes this chart so simple, yet great.

At the bottom of that blog is a video about how you can make your finished components lighter, stronger and more chemically resistant –  that will last longer. Make sure you take a look.

We have many happy customers who have switched to our high performance plastics range and gained a competitive edge.

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