Chain and Sprockets Brochure

Welcome, and thanks for clicking through to view the latest edition of our chain and sprockets brochure directly applicable to every industry in NZ.

Since 1980, Supply Services Limited has been the most trusted supplier of chains and sprockets, plus associated accessories for drives and material handling equipment. Off the shelf or made to order, we have the chain to ensure you keep moving.

Our brochure is available to view or download at the bottom of this page.

What chain range do we stock in NZ?

We think we have the largest stock holding of chain and sprockets on the shelf in NZ. The range is huge, our experience is deep. Our staff are passionate to help you out. Give us a call to discuss your requirements or click on the links below to read more. All this information is available in our chain and sprockets brochure. More available on our bright and shiny new website.

Roller Chain. American Standard (ASA/ANSI) and British Standard (BS) roller chain is available in different pitch sizes, strand widths and materials to suit all types of industry.

Conveyor Chain. Industry standard, application specific or custom made conveyor chains. A large selection of top quality chain to keep your products moving.

Wood Processing Chain. Our specialty since 1980. Industry leading brands specific to the timber, sawmill, OSB and pulp and paper sectors.

Engineering Class Drive Chain. Widely used in the manufacturing and construction industries, these chains have high breaking loads and are made from heat treated carbon alloy steels.

Bottling and Packaging Chain. Bottling & packaging chains made from both stainless steel & injection moulded engineering plastics to suit a vast array of machinery and applications.

More on sprockets later, but we import or manufacture right here in NZ sprockets to suit all these chain types.

Let’s dig deeper into each of our chain categories

After 40 years in the chain and sprockets business you would think we could produce a website and brochure that accounts for all our products. Well, our range is so vast and constantly changing that this is a hard feat to accomplish. To date, our current website and brochure has the most up to date information, so it is always best to contact us as we probably have or can get what you want, even though we might not list it.

So let’s dig deeper into each of our chain categories.

Roller Chain. An extensive line-up of roller chains to suit specific industries and a multitude of applications. From agriculture to sawmills, clean-room to salt water environments, we have the chain to keep your business moving. Simplex, duplex, triplex, plus sprockets and accessories.

We have over 17 styles of chain available and within this range a massive choice of options. British or American standard, straight sidebar, sharp top, double pitch, hollow pin, leaf, side bow, self-lube, agricultural, aqua proof, stainless steel, nickel plated, the list goes on.

To read more about our roller chains, our most popular types and why to purchase roller chain from us, click the link to view a recent post about BS or ASA roller chain.

Conveyor Chain. The most comprehensive range of standard conveyor chain and industry specific conveyor chain in New Zealand.  Attachments, sprockets and accessories are available.  These can be customised to meet your requirements.

Our range encompasses cast H&C style, drop forged, steel pintle, sewerage treatment, long link, rivetless, metric conveyor, double flex and British standard conveyor chain.

For more in-depth information, read this recent blog post on Supply Services Limited conveyor chain supplier to NZ.

Wood Processing Chain. Considered the experts in wood processing conveyor chains for sawmills, pulp and paper, OSB and dry board manufacturers; Supply Services Limited stocks a huge range of quality conveyor chains from leading manufacturers. A full range of attachments, sprockets and accessories are available.

Such a wide variety of welded steel mill and drag chain, trimmer chain, roof top, refuse flight, bin sorter, debarker, sharp top, double length infeed and auto-rotation conveyor chains.

A recent post covered our range of chain for the saw milling and wood processing industry.

Engineering Class Drive Chain. Manufactured in specially heated treated carbon alloy steels, engineering class cranked link drive chains can with-stand breaking loads up to 1,400kN or more. They are used widely in the manufacturing and construction industries.

Common chain sizes such as 882, 1190, 1244, 1245, 1248, and 5027.

Bottling and Packaging Chain. There is a vast array of bottling & packaging chains available in both stainless steel and injection moulded plastics. Also complementing these products are plastic sprockets, idlers, guide rails, wear strips and mounting components. Custom machined components are also possible.

We can supply both stainless steel and plastic flat top chain, multi-flex, plastic modular and associated components.

What sprockets do we stock or manufacture?

We supply to NZ industry a large range of both transmission sprockets and conveyor chain sprockets to suit all our chains. Some customers prefer to purchase our sprocket blanks and do the machining themselves. Others choose to have us do all the work. We have other clients that demand the toughest of sprocket materials, specific heat treatments and perfect tooth and barrel matching, so these sprockets we have custom manufactured at our international suppliers.

For any chain we stock or sell, we can supply the perfectly matching sprocket.

Roller Chain Sprockets. ANSI and BS precision roller chain sprockets can be supplied with teeth that are flame heat treated, case hardened, induction hardened or not hardened at all. The surface finish can be plain, painted, zinc plated or black passivated.

Conveyor Chain Sprockets. Most semi-precision conveyor chains only require sprockets that have a flame cut profile. Supply Services Ltd will generally cut the profile to carefully match the chain, attachments and application it is being used for. Common materials are mild steel, Hardox 400 abrasion resistant steel or induction hardened C1045.

Drag Chain Sprockets. Welded steel drag chain runs best on full width “drum” or “can” type sprockets. We stock drums and through hardened, full length, profiled teeth ready for sprocket manufacture. Full width teeth promote longer service life.

2.609″ Pitch Uni-Sprockets. For 2.609” pitch chains such as 81X, WH78, LXS882, C188 & H78 series chains, Supply Services Ltd has a range of induction hardened universal sprockets on the shelf for immediate dispatch.

2.609″ Pitch Polymer Sprockets. Polymer sprockets manufactured from super strong Northane 75D polyurethane to suit a range of 2.609″ pitch conveyor chains such as 81X, WH78, LXS882, C188 & H78.

​Chanex® Oregon Bends. Oregon bends formed from UHMWPE Chanex profiles are excellent low cost alternatives to sprockets on the bottom of board singulators. Various sizes are available for 81X and WH78 chains.

Plastic Bottling and Packaging Sprockets. We are able to supply or manufacture a range of plastic sprockets to suit a variety of flat top & multi-flex bottling & packaging chain.

Why is it important to change chain and sprockets at the same time?

We are asked this question on a daily basis, but the answer in a nutshell is this.

If you replace your new chain on worn sprockets all you are going to do is cause premature wear on your new chain.

Very quickly you will find you are replacing that new chain and often will see wear in the same places over the length of the chain.

To get the best out of new chain, make sure your sprockets are aligned correctly and you are using quality wear strip.

New chain should always be run on new sprockets. Even if the sprockets are only slightly out of pitch, or have the smallest of “hook” to the teeth, these sprockets will dramatically reduce chain service life.

Want to save time when fitting large sprockets?

Have you seen our split sprockets? Such a time saver and removes the hassle of installing large sprockets.

Why use split sprockets?

Split sprockets are the ideal sprocket especially in areas of limited working space. They are simple and easy to assemble in hard to get areas. Our range of split sprockets for conveyor and wood processing chains allow for the sprocket to be assembled without having to dismount the shaft assembly.

Large sprockets such as conveyor chain sprockets can weigh some serious weight and are difficult to handle and install. Cranes are often required to lift the sprockets into place for installation. This is where split sprockets come into their own. We have clients who no longer require a crane for sprocket installation as the split sprocket being in two halves can now be man-handled for installation.

If split sprockets are of interest, read this recent post.

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